"Dylan's Creative Arts"

Dylan has decided to follow the "Family Business" and see how he can transform his Artistic Talents into the realm of Chainsaw Carving.  He is able to draw in 3-D and digitally paint and has a great way of envisioning.  Here are some of his works to date:

Call 585-738-2710

#129 Dylan's Cosmic Owl
Re-Create Price $695

#129A "Panda Bear 2016"
Re-Create Price $450

129B "R2D2"

#129C Dylan's Tree Frog
Re-Create Price $700

#130 "Dylan's Winged Dragon"

For Sale Now $600

#130A "Dylan's Blue Frog"
Available Now Price $300
Width: 16"/Height: 34"

#130B "Dylan's Cedar Owl"
  Available Now Price $150
Width: 11" /Height: 15"

#130C "Dylan's First Perched Eagle"

Re-Create Price $450

Width: 14"/Height: 46"/Weight: 90lbs.

#131 "Dylan's Perched Eagle 2"

Re-Create Price $450

#131A "Dylan's Custom Bench/Planter
Re-Create Price $350

#132 "Dylan's Diamond Bench"

Re-Create Price $250

Width: 23"/Length: 59.5"/Height: 36.5"/Weight: 95lbs.

#133 "Dylan's Mt. Tree Eagle Table/Bench"

Re-Create Price $300

Width: 17"/Length: 50"/Height: 17"/Weight: 30lbs.

#134 "Dylan's Small Howling Wolf Table"

Re-Create Price $200

Width: 15"/Length: 25"/Height:16.5"/Weight: 20lbs.

Dylan Ice Carving at a Winterfest in Buffalo 2010



Dylan carved a Tiny Dragon also.

Dylan carves his Valentine Heart


#135 "Branch Railing System"

Re-Create Price $500 (10 ft)

#136 "Dylan & Dustin's Woodpeckers"

Re-Create Price $150/each


#137 "Dylan's Knome"

Re-Create Price $350

#138 "Dylan's Small Perched Eagle"

Re-Create Price $300

Dylan Carving a Dragon at Letchworth Show