"Dustin's Chainsaw Carvings"

"Dustin also is a very Talented Guy.  He draws in 3-D and has an amazing ability to visualize.  His desire to join the "Family Business" is exciting and we welcome his Artistic Talents!"

Call 585-683-5388

#138 "Dustin's 3 Koi" Available Now $2000

#138A "Welcome Turkey 2016"
Re-Create Price $800

#138B "Sea Turtle on Coral Base"
Re-Create Price $500

#138C "Custom Made Sign 2016"

#138D "Dustin's Woodland Houses"

#139 "Dustin's Log Mailbox"

#139A "Dustin's Cedar Bear"
Available Now Price $300

#139B "Custom Painted Table"

#139C "Dustin's Tiki Head
Price $750

#140 "Emmeline Vacanti's Celtic Cross"

Available Now
Price $295

#140A "Dustin's First Eagle"

Re-Create Price $450

Width: 14"/Length: 14"/Height:44"/Weight: 90lbs.

#140B"Dustin's Bear Family Table/Bench"

Re-Create Price $350

Width: 17"/Length: 50"/Height:17"/Weight: 30lbs.

#141 "Dustin's Moose Head Table/Bench"

Re-Create Price $350

Width: 18"/Length: 46"/Height:17.5"/Weight: 30lbs.

#141A "Dustin's Geometric Style Mushroom"


Price $150

Width: 16"/Length: 16"/Height:25"/Weight: 45lbs.

"Dustin's load of Pumpkins"

#142 "Dustin & Dylan's Woodpeckers"

Re-Create Price $150/each

#143 "Dustin's Koi Fish"

Re-Create Price $500