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Quality Quilted Art in Quiet Calm Hours...

Wall Hanging Quilts --These are ready to go! Just make your selection/s and order at the bottom of this page :))

(Dowel Rods Included when purchasing)

Mama & Baby Elephant Quilted Wall Hanging
21" x 25" -- Price $60
Made from Batik and White Fabric
Blue Crystal Edging on bottom
Dowel rod included for hanging

Quilts Ready for your Home and Nursery--

Batik Indian Mountains Daybed/Couch Quilt
65.5" x 77" -- Price $150
Back of Blanket is Black with small White dots

Batik Butterfly Quilt
91" x 107.5" -- Price $400
Back of quilt is Green Batik

Blue & White Mirror Daybed/Couch Quilt
69" x 62" -- Price $75
Made of Cotton Fabrics
Back is Navy Print

    Baby Rainbow Stars Quilt
    41" x 47" -- Price $80
     Made from Rainbow Colored Cottons
Back of quilt is light Yellow
 Baby "I Woof You" Quilt
    38.5" x48.5" -- Price $50
  Made from Cotton and Fleece Fabric
            Back of Blanket is Red with white dots

   Baby Deer/Bear Quilt
    38" x 49" -- Price $50
 Made from Cotton and Snuggle Fabrics
     Back of Blanket is Gray with white dots
      Baby Wildlife Quilt
         37" x 48" -- Price $50
      Made from Cotton and Snuggle Fabrics
         Back of Blanket is White with gray dots

Blue Ocean Baby Quilt
      37.5" x 46.5" -- Price $45
                 Made from Snuggle and Cotton Fabrics
        Back of Blanket is Medium Blue Flannel as on Edge
         Under the Sea Crosses Baby Quilt
               36" x 42.5" -- Price $45
                        Made from Cotton & Flannel Fabrics
                  Back of Blanket is Medium Blue Flannel

Quilts to be Ordered & Created again --

(Will be different colors or as similar as possible)

Magen Quilt
Re-Create Price $200
Nicole Quilt
Re-Create Price $250

Jillian Quilt
Re-Create Pricd $200
Batik Butterfly Quilt
Re-Create Price $250

Baby Barnyard Quilt
Re-Create Price $250

Baby Barnyard Cow Wall Hanging
24" x 24" / Re-Create Price $45
Baby Barnyard Duck Wall Hanging
24" x 24" / Re-Create Price $45

Baby Barnyard Horse Wall Hanging
24" x 24" / Re-Create Price $45
Baby Barnyard Pig Wall Hanging
24" x 24" / Re-Create Price $45

--Senior Memory Quilts--




Quilt is 86" x 86" and is created from T-Shirts and Sweatshirts that the Senior Guy or Girl has collected over their course of their school years through sports, activities (such as girl scouts, boy scouts, 4-H, grade school), or just favorites.  You provide me with enough T-Shirts and/or Sweatshirts to fill in 25 squares (some shirts have printing on front and back) and I will create squares,  sash them with your school colors, place your Graduates Name many times, graduating year, and other memories at your request, and also embroider your graduate's name and year on edge of quilt.  It's also a great place for Award Patches and Pins. I like to leave the strings of sweatshirts on for a 3-D effect, I have even used pockets that can still work. I would send you a photo of placement before final sewing so you would be involved in the creation of such a personable item. Each one is unique and very appreciated by the graduate, it's a great place to put their memories so they can have them as they move through life.  Some have even gone off to college with them to put on their dorm room beds!

Create Time - 1 week
*Cost $250 -- If you provide all fabric, batting, fusible interfacing, thread, and iron-on letters.
*Cost $350 -- If I provide all materials.


-- Swim Towels --

-- Personalized Towels for Swim Teams or Beach use --



Team Spirit and Unity can be gained by using a Personalized Swim Towel.  Swimmer's Last or First name is displayed across center of towel in School Colors.  The towels are 32 x 52 and the individual letters are cut from another colored towel.  At the end of the towel is the Swimmer's Full Name and Swim Team Name embroidered for identification.

Please provide the following when ordering:

*Color of Towel

*Color of Name on Towel

*Specify First or Last Name for Personalization in center of Towel

*Swimmer's Full Name and Swim Team Name (for end embroidery)

Cost per Towel: $50 - Shipping Approx. $10

Include phone number so I can reach you when your Towel is complete :)

Order by Cell: 585-738-2729 Or

Order by email here: E-Mail Us ~ Click Here!